Do you ever feel like you wish you knew more about the world? Are you terrible at random trivia? You won’t be anymore. After you read this, you’ll be able to stun friends and strangers alike with your knowledge of unique facts about the universe we live in.

Read through these 25 odd facts. They are mind-blowing. (Hint: killer whales aren’t what they seem.)

1.) Four is the loneliest number.
2.) Intense.
3.) I found a new party snack.
4.) Bruce Lee was the boss.
5.) Sharks are vicious from the start.
6.) I get the logic.
7.) And they have 90% of the world's freckles.
8.) Whales aren't whales?
9.) I'm drinking more apple juice, stat.
10.) No wonder they look so similar.
11.) Trippy!
12.) Well, that's one thing you can do with them.
13.) I feel lied to.
14.) D'awwwwww.
15.) No wonder babysitting is so exhausting.
16.) That's pretty cheap!
17.) I just saved you seconds of your life.
18.) Ewwwwww.
19.) Knock on wood, guys.
20.) WHAT.
21.) That just seems doubly painful...
22.) And hopefully legal adults.
23.) Which wasn't a legal adult.
24.) Woah, wait. He doesn't!
25.) Fishing gets serious in Kansas.

(H/T Full Punch)

The next time you’re standing around the break room at work, show people just how much you know about the world by telling them killer whales aren’t whales. You’ll rock their worlds.

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